May I take this opportunity to inform you that,
We provide, Changing Foreign DL (Driving Licence) to Myanmar DL
and Myanmar DL to IDP.
We provide it under Road Transport Administration Department,
Ministry of Rail Transportation, Myanmar.
Thanks for giving commission to provide.

To Change Myanmar Driving Licence
(With IDP)
If you have IDP (International Driving Permit), No need to test.
Required documents are
(1) personal application
(2) Valid your national Driving licence genuine and copy
(3) Valid IDP genuine and copy
(4) Valid Passport & visa(stay pages) genuine and copy
(5) 0.8 x 1.1 inches size blue background 3 photos
(6) Recommendation from your Office
If you are Myanmar citizen need to Identity Card genuine and copy
(7) Licence (Translation)
(8) Document of deputy.

(Without IDP)
If you do not have IDP, Need to test.
Required documents are the same, Writing test and Driving test are more.
Don not worry about this We can practice.
Writing Test: All are (50) Questions, 80%,40 Answers be right to pass.
If fail, Try again.
If pass, to continue to Driving Test.
Driving Test: First, We must drive around the field according to traffic rule.
Like this,
Drive only your motorway.
Every turn left or right do not forget single.
Stop one feet far when stop line and sign.

Second, We must reverse parking.
Parking size is (1.33) of your vehicle.
Turn angle is 65 Degree, Do not touch side and back line. Do not stop Engin.
You can take one change is only 1 time up and down, be care no more.
Time allowed (1.5) Minute. If fail, Try again.
So need to good prepare.